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Explore the Amish Community in Chetopa, Kansas.  There are about 40 families within a 4- mile radius on the leftside of the Amish Grocery store, Beachy’s Country Store at 6052 Udall Road, Tel. 620 226 3595.  It’s off US W166, about 12 minutes drive from Town Motel.


Right turn towards Oswego. 

About 1.5 miles, left turn onto US W-166

4 miles right turn onto Trego Road

2 miles right turn onto 6000 Road

1 mile left turn onto Udall Road

Beachy’s Store is on the left.

On Sundays, between 8-8.30am, Amish families in horse carriages or on foot can be seen along 5000 Road going into 4081 Victory Road for their church services, conducted in German.  They will give you friendly waves when you drive pass them.  Prepare to wave back when you see them coming. You are lucky if they agree to let you take pictures of them.

They do businesses amongst themselves and also to non-Amish, at their own homes.  Most do not display business signboards. You can identify an Amish family by a small telephone house 200 feet from the main house. Check out the business list here

The school with a bell outside, is located at 6072 Trego Road.

Interesting Facts  (Source:

  • Our local Amish community allows each family to have a telephone, for use primarily in conducting business related to their trade. However, the telephones must be housed in a separate structure, away from the house. If you see a structure which looks like an outhouse, it’s probably a telephone booth (they have restrooms in their houses).
  • In this community a family is allowed to own one piece of mobile machinery. Most purchase a skid-steer loader (e.g., Bobcat), which allows them to use a wide variety of attachments, multiplying the utility of the single piece of equipment.
  • Local Amish families do not use electricity, although they can use batteries and battery-powered tools. They heat their homes with wood and use propane for hot water and refrigeration.
  • In addition to their published trades, all Amish families are practiced at animal husbandry, carpentry and some aspects of farming. All own horses; some raise chickens for eggs; some have dairy cows; some manage dairies; some raise cattle; all have gardens.
  • They don’t drive cars, although they can ride in one. Their primary means of transportation is horseback or horse and buggy.
  • They have their own schools. This community now has two schools and the children get to school via horse & buggy.
  • Amish are bilingual. The language spoken in the home is Pennsylvania Dutch. Amish children learn this language first, followed by English. English is spoken in the schools.